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"My dear,
Find what you love and let it kill you.
Let it drain you of your all.
Let it cling onto your back and weigh you down into eventual nothingness.
Let it kill you and let it devour your remains.
For all things will kill you, both slowly and fastly, but it’s much better to be killed by a lover."
Charles Bukowski (via all-the-ways-things-are)

These posts have to do with the traits, qualities, etc, associated with the Zodiac Sign of Aquarius. They may apply to individuals with their Sun in Aquarius, many planets in Aquarius or the 11th House, or a strong Uranus influence in their chart.
Additionally, certain posts may apply to those with a planet in Aquarius. “Aquarius and Romance,” for example, may be relatable to an individual with Venus in Aquarius, “Aquarius and Sex” to an individual with Mars in Aquarius, “Aquarius and Work” to an individual with their Midheaven in Aquarius, etc.
Facts about Aquarius
Basic facts about Aquarius
Aquarius’ Starstone
Parts of the body ruled by Aquarius
Basic Qualities of the Zodiac Signs
Elemental Quality of Aquarius
Aquarius as a Fixed Sign
The Qualities of the Zodiac Signs
The Duality of Aquarius
The Triplicity of Aquarius
The Modality of Aquarius
The Polarities of the Zodiac Signs

Genders of Aquarius
The Aquarius Males
The Aquarius Females
Aquarius Women
Aquarius Men

Types of Aquarius
Erudite Aquarius
Callow Aquarius
The Aquarius Decans:
Aquarius First Decan
Aquarius Second Decan
Aquarius Third Decan

The Aquarius Personality
The Aquarius personality
What Aquarius is Concerned with
Aquarius’ Spiritual Goal.
The Secret Side of Aquarius
Aquarius Strengths
Aquarius Weaknesses
Best Environments for the Zodiac Signs
Ideal Partners/Friends/Children for Aquarius
Aquarius Positive Traits
Aquarius Negative Traits
The Nature of Aquarius
Aquarius Habits
Gift Ideas for Aquarius
The Zodiac Signs’ Cheers
Aquarius and Fitness
Challenges for Aquarius
The Signs and Colors
Aquarius Vices
Aquarius Psychic abilities
Tips for saving money
Aquarius Personality Profiles
Info on Aquarius
Aquarius’ Fateful Missions
The Zodiac Signs’ deepest Needs
The Zodiac Signs and Anger
The Zodiac Signs and Candles
Scents for the Zodiac Signs
Aquarius and giving Advice
Aquarius and Sorrow
Aquarius as Brides
Aquarius and Jealousy
Aquarius’ Ice Cream Flavors
Aquarius’ Manipulation Potential
What Aquarius Do Want You To Know
What Aquarius Don’t Want You To Know
Aquarius and Break Ups
Tips for the Moving On
The Zodiac Signs in a Horror Movie
What Gifts the Zodiac Signs would give you
What the Zodiac Signs can learn from a Aquarius
The Zodiac Signs and Seven Deadly Sins
The Zodiac Signs and Seven Holy Virtues
When you compliment an Aquarius 

Ages of Aquarius
Aquarius as babies
Aquarius as Kids
Aquarius as Teenagers

Aquarius and Work
Aquarius at Work
Careers for Aquarius

Aquarius and Family
Aquarius and Relationships
Aquarius as a Sibling

Aquarius and Friends
Aquarius and Friends
Aquarius and Relationships

Aquarius and Romance
Aquarius and Romance
Aquarius in Love
Aquarius as Partners
How to Woo the Aquarius Man
How to Woo the Aquarius Woman
How to Make Up with Aquarius
How to tell if Aquarius Likes you
Aquarius and Relationships
What Aquarius need in a Partner
Aquarius as a Husband
Aquarius as a Wife
Tips for Dating Aquarius
Aquarius and Break Ups

Aquarius and Sex
Aquarius In Bed
Aquarius’ Erogenous Zone
Aquarius’ Sexuality
How to Seduce the Aquarius Man
How to Seduce the Aquarius Woman
Aquarius and Sex Positions

If Aquarius Were…
If the Zodiac Signs were Food
If Aquarius were Dogs
If Aquarius were Food
If Aquarius were Patterns
Aquarius as Famous Paintings
Aquarius as a Mythological Creature
Aquarius as Pokemon
If the Signs were Piercings
The Signs as Disney Characters
The Signs as Pixar Characters
The Signs as Dreamworks Characters
Aquarius as a Pokemon Trainer

Aquarius Pets
Quote from a famous Aquarius
Famous Aquarius
The Zodiac Signs’ Cheers
Aquarius vs. Zombie
The Zodiac Signs and Maturity
Names for an Aquarius Boy and an Aquarius Girl